Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Farmlands

Thump Bdzzz. Thump, thump bdzzz. Thump, thump. It was 90 degrees out, the AC was full blast, and my head was brimming. I glided past an Amish buggy at 55 m.p.h., with a cell phone in one hand, and rap on the radio. Yet another dichotomoy, which I love.

The past two days were the boost in the arm I needed to rejuvenate my thinking, and learning. I met new friends and connected with the old, in the austere backdrop of Shipshewana again. Though there are more thoughts in this cup, which runneth over, I will but stick only my big toe in, whilst I warm myself back up to my tiny little blogosphere. Soon, perhaps, I will insert my foot.

To Cathy....check your blog....I'm inspired...let your light reignite other candles, too...

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