Friday, July 10, 2009

Getting Legs

The outer office is dark. The window lets gentle traffic sounds waft in. The fan intimidates the heat coming in the window enough to leave me comfortable at my desk in my new office, with my ear-buds in (Joe Jackson's, is she really going out with him.) One week down, 51 more to go as the new principal. The pace was comfortable this week. Next week will prove to be more hectic as there are many appointments in and out of the school.

I'm content with my first week. I am not filled with any poignant messages this evening--just the knowledge that what breezed by with only minor challenges will increase in its intensity with the hiring and postings that will come next week. For now, I will close the window, cut the lights, code out and enjoy a relaxing evening with friends.


Mike said...

Hey Ingrid! Give us more...give us more. Now that school has started, what's up. Surviving? Thriving?

I'd like more!

Teacher Food

Jen Poiry said...

Progress update, please!